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Name:Edward Nygma
Birthdate:Nov 15
Location:United States of America

Eddie is played to current comics continuity; so aside from doling out fabulous alliteration, that means he's currently reformed and working as Gotham's top private detective; he notably has been doing such for two years now (since DETECTIVE COMICS 822). According to his canon, his coma that had kept him so uncharacteristically silent during OYL had obliterated certain poignant memories for his labyrinthine mind. Yet, bearing this in mind, a few notable and typically sly remarks indicate that he may be hiding behind such suffering as a convenient facade. What he says he knows and doesn't know may not directly correlate to reality, so such isn't surprising that he would take advantage of such opportunity. However, ever true to his word, he is a gifted private detective who is frequently employed by the GCPD and private employers as a consultant. Naturally, this only inspires his overwhelming (but entirely deserved) ego. Despite his new leaf, Edward still suffers from many of the compulsions he had before his moral epiphany, but his more blatant riddling days appear over. Never fear; his untouched obsessions of truth and knowledge feed his remaining, more subtle compulsions.
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